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It has been so long since i have blogged but going back to school has been so full on and stressful because of the amount of home work i have been getting and course work that goes towards my GCSES so it was very important that i got that all out the way instead of blogging . on the plus side it is Halloween in 2 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am just a bit exited only because i am seeing my  friends and we are having a pizza party along with a bit of trick or treating because i am still a child at heart . This year as a cat because i am the type of person who chooses cute over scary because i don’t want to scare anyone. what are you going as for Halloween ? are you doing anything for Halloween or is it just going to be a night in with : popcorn scary films and cup of hot chocolate. comment down below 


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PS: enjoy the rest of you day or night depending on where you all are in the world

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school days

Hello everyone itspopsblogger here I have recently started school again after a long holiday. Going back to school means early starts and having to get used to all your new teachers which actually makes me feel so nervous i don’t know why i just hate the thought of getting a really mean teacher who shouts every second for no reason . This year already i seem to be getting loads of homework which is also scary to because i am literally  that person who will panic no matter what even if i don’t have any homework i will end up thinking i do and panic for no reason at all which isn’t very good but it keeps me on top of everything in school. Despite the negatives in school i was very happy to see my  best friends :flexible and drummer that’s not their real names but this blog is anonymous so i am not taking any chances. when i refer to drummer and flexible you will know what i am on about . One thing i love before school is going out shopping for a load of stationary just because you need it (you probably really don’t but oh well ) . I am very proud to say i am a stationary freak , stationary is just so lovely and its so satisfying. Even though i know their is probably only one person reading this right now i am so happy now that i have started a blog . starting a blog has allowed me to just write about my life and things that most people can relate to . Sorry this blog is very long but i like to ramble .

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PS : comment down below if you like reading long or short blogs you let me know.Hydrangeas my new  blog picture  

weekend away

Hello everyone popstheblogger here how have your weekends been i hope they have all been fine and dandy . I am sorry i havent blogged in a while , its because i have been away for the weekend. It was lovely to get away for 4 days and relax a bit before dreaded school starts on thursday . On my short break i did a bit of shopping in a small town near by . We even walked into a small emporium that had loads of little gifts and basically things you dont need but just want it was my kind of shop . We also visited a lovely church it was so pretty . The structure of it was amazing it made me wonder how on earth they build it because it was very old so they wouldnt have fancy cranes ect … On the last full day we visited a castle and had afternoon tea . If you don’t live in the uk aftenoon tea is basically scones with jam and cream ,tea and other lunchy things . I took alot of pictures which i will be posting very soon . “Always be yourself”

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Ps :comment down below a famous landmark you have been to 😊

Getting everything sorted

Hello everyone itspopsblogger here!! How are you doing? how has your day? been i hope it has been good. So far i am finding blogging quite easy actually but the only things i havent quite got to grips with is making my blog look nice . I feel like my blog could look so much more neat so my aim by the end of the week is to have a profile picture not of me because then this blog isnt anonymous. My other aim is to start to post some of my latest photography which is a bonus because i am going away for the weekend and i am planning to take alot of pictures. Also i am sorry about any spelling mistakes made in my previous blog its because i  am currently using my phone .
“Be yourself because an o riginal is worth more than a copy”

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Hello everyone

Hello everyone itspopstheblogger i have decided to start a blog so i can have a tiny corner of the internet where i can totally be my self and share my photos as one of my hobbies is photography . Photography makes me so happy you can  end up taking so many pictures of everything and they would all have a memory no matter how good or bad they are . One of my favorite things to take pictures of is my wonderful dog i love her so much .Anyway enough about me more about this blog. I have decided to make this blog anonymous so i dont have to worry about sounding cool because i can simply be a girl who writes a blog i can be my self. Thankyou for reading this blog even if only two people from the whole planet read this and smile my mission is complete. “Great things never come from comfort zones “

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Ps:have you lot ever done somthing thats out of your comfort zones? if so what?